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In-home Catering for Seniors

Aug 15, 2013 – Mark Hoult, Community Press




HAVELOCK — Stacey Caine is offering a new service that combines bringing cooking and companionship to area seniors in their own homes.

Sugar|Caine Catering Personal Chef and Catering Services offers personalized meal options to seniors who want to remain independent in their own homes but find themselves struggling with meal preparations, says chef Stacey Caine, who has extensive experience in both the hospitality and long-term care industries.

“The trend is towards seniors staying in their own homes, and I thought, what better source could you have than somebody sitting down with you and preparing for meals according to what you like,” said Caine, who lives in Havelock.

Although many seniors are able to stay in their own homes, they are often unable to cook quality, nutritious meals for themselves, especially in one-person households, Caine said. “They won’t cook proper meals for themselves, but will often use frozen dinners,” she observed. “This creates a downward spiral that can be avoided. While there are many options available for meal service, I don’t know of any that will provide meals in consultation with a client, prepared by a professional chef at a reasonable price. The benefit to my service is I will be in the client’s homes with them, creating meals that they choose and allowing them the accessibility to help if they choose.”

Caine said she has too often seen senior homeowners selling their homes because they feel it is their only option. “I’m here to provide them an alternative that will allow them to remain in their own homes,” she said.

Caine attended Algonquin College, obtaining a diploma in culinary management and her Red Seal Chef certification.

Caine works by setting up a consultation with clients, then going into their homes one day a week to cook a week’s worth of meals that can be stored in containers in the freezer to be reheated. She said clients are welcome to help her prepare the meals or simply sit in the kitchen to drink tea and chat.

“If they want to help they can help. It’s kind of a day of companionship for them, so there’s that social aspect as well.”

Caine said the free consultation involves deciding what the client wants to eat that week so she can go out and purchase supplies for the meals. “ I’m confident I can cook anything the client wants,” she said.

Caine said she charges a weekly fee, plus the cost of groceries.

To contact Caine for more information about her services, call 613-900-7248, or 343-263-4374. Or go to Sugar|Caine Catering on Facebook.




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