Companionship Cooking Services

The current trend is migrating towards seniors aging at place in their own homes.  This is why Stacey Caine has developed her Companion Cooking Services. If you are a senior living at home and struggling with meals or a family member concerned over the wellbeing of your loved one give Companion Cooking a try. Stacey has combined her many years of working with the senior population along with her Red Seal Certification as a Chef to create this unique service. Stacey will come to your home, discuss with you what meals you would like for the week, do all shopping and then come spend a day with you preparing what YOU want. Clients are welcome to participate in meal creation, go about their own day or simply sit and chat over tea. The point is the choice is YOURS!

$200/1 cooking day per week plus the cost of groceries.

Contact Stacey Caine – Owner/Red Seal Chef today for more information.

613-900-SC4U (7248) •


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